Amazon bag

A piece that perfectly combines the delicacy of a leather bag made by Anna Milan and a wild texture that

evokes a portion of the Amazon rainforest.

Brown and handmade in Spain, this bag has its own personality: it is outgoing and elegant.

Amazon Bag Features:

  • Exterior material: Italian leather.
  • Inner material: red leather.
  • Handmade fittings.
  • Measurements: 22 cm wide, 17 cm high and 10 cm deep.
  • Details: 24 carat gold plated logo and letters.
  • Exclusive collection made with premium Italian skins.
  • It has a rough texture that alternates different shades of brown.

The handle is rigid and makes the bag easy to carry.

In the base it has some caps that serve as support so that the skin of the bag is not damaged.

Anna Milan's logo on the front, instead of being gold, this time has an animal print pattern that blends

perfectly with the rest of the bag.

Inside, it is red skinned. A classic that the brand reserves for the inner part of its bags.

The skin of Italian nationality of supreme quality and the innovative design of Anna Milan resulted in this

piece that causes furor in the fashion world.

TRADITION for production, QUALITY for materials and DESIGN for models.

This is the formula that Anna Milan uses to CREATE Exclusive Collections that her princesses fall in love with.

I, just want to dress that current woman who demands to be perfect and ready for any area of ​​her life.


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