Four Tuberose & Jasmine and Santal Imperial Bois Scented Candles

Anna Milan presents her exclusive collection of scented candles. From the wrapper to the candle itself, everything is handmade, with excellent quality materials and natural components that are environmentally-friendly.
  • The Tuberose & Jasmine candle exudes a scent of jasmine that is a delicate and feminine fragrance specially designed to promote a peaceful rest, a moment of relaxation and mental clearing
  • The Bois de Santal Imperial candle exudes a defined, strong fragrance and a captivating personality. In addition, its aroma will allow you to clear your mind, relax and think about having a pleasant moment.
  • These candles are handcrafted in Spain with natural products that are in harmony with nature.
  • Each candle is presented in a cardboard box and is assembled in a crystal glass
  • Weight of the candle with the glass: 550 gm. Candle height: 9.5 cm.
  • Duration: approximately 50 hours
  • Vegetable wax of the best quality that does not emit smoke
  • Made in Spain


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