Zebra Flat Shoes In Pink

Zebra Flat Shoes In Pink are part of the Anna Milan's "Animal Print" collection, the great footwear tendency .

They have been manufactured by hand in Spain with first quality materials, to be a part of the limited edition with zebra print and pointy tip.

Zebra Flat Shoes In Pink features:

  • Outer material: colt skin
  • Zebra print with pink border
  • Angular tip model
  • Inner material: goatling leather
  • 2mm gel insoles
  • Leather soles
  • Exclusive limited collection
  • Manufactured by hand in Spain

Zebra Flat Shoes In Pink In Detail

Their exterior, covered in colt skin, turns our Zebra Flat Shoes In Pink, into an elegant and audacious model.

Their inner lining, is made in goatling leather to provide best comfort and resistance. This leather allows great flexibility and mildness when walking as a result of its softness.

They include gel insoles, also covered in goatling leather, that guarantees maximum welfare when walking, as they reduces the impact of the foot against the ground.

This model is presented with a pink border.

And to make them unique, we fabricated them with leather soles.

An exclusivity, that will make you the protagonist of your days.

Anna Milan’s exclusive design

TRADITION for the production, QUALITY for the materials and DESIGN for the models. This, is Anna Milan’s formula, to CREATE exclusive collections that her princesses fall in love with.

I, just want, modern women to wear my shoes and feel ready for any area of their lifes.

I, just want, happy princesses, and for that reason…

If you have any doubt with the size of your Zebra Flat Shoes In Pink, let’s solve it! Download our template.


Size 36 EU - 3 UK - 6 USA 37 EU - 4 UK - 7 USA 38 EU - 5 UK - 8 USA 39 EU - 6 UK - 9 USA 40 EU - 7 UK - 10 USA 41 EU - 8 UK - 11 USA
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