Beige Suede Emily Ballerinas with Python

These ballerinas are a unique piece in the collection of Anna Milan. Manufactured in Spain, its high quality materials guarantee comfort. In addition, they offer flexibility of movements. And all this, without losing the elegance and distinction that characterize the designs of Anna Milan.

Each design is exclusive, so there will not be two pairs of identical shoes. Therefore, the total exclusivity is more than assured, no one else will have a pair like this. In fact, beige suede leather and its natural python leather toe match many different types of clothes. It can be used to dress in the most select environments, and also for daily life.

And to ensure well-being, these comfortable woman ballerinas include gel insoles to minimize the effect of the feet's impact against the ground. Thus, they have a padded support surface to ensure that the feet do not suffer. On the other hand, the goat skin of the inner lining and the trim will wrap the feet as if they were in a cloud. They are the ideal shoes to feel comfortable and sophisticated in any situation.

In addition, they are manufactured in Spain following traditional procedures with materials of the highest quality.


  • The exterior made of 100% beige suede leather
  • The toe cap includes natural python skin with unique design in each pair
  • The interior is lined with goat skin
  • Goat skin trim in brown
  • Includes gel insoles to ensure comfort
  • Soles made with 100% leather
  • Exclusive limited collection, there will not be an equal pair
  • Manufactured in Spain

Exclusive Design  by Anna Milan

TRADITION for production, QUALITY for materials and DESIGN for models.

This is the formula that Ana Milan uses to create exclusive collections that any princess will fall in love with.

I just want modern women to wear my shoes and feel ready for any area of their lives.

I just want happy princesses

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Size 36 EU - 3 UK - 6 USA 37 EU - 4 UK - 7 USA 38 EU - 5 UK - 8 USA 39 EU - 6 UK - 9 USA 40 EU - 7 UK - 10 USA 41 EU - 8 UK - 11 USA 42 EU - 9 UK - 12 USA
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