Turquoise Flamingo Sandals and Turquoise Malena Sandals

Because you are special, you deserve a Princess Day!Enjoy two wonderful Anna Milan items made in Spain in 100% authentic leather.First of all, Flamingo sandals with silver buckle and buckle closure with an open design designed for the summer, together with blue leather sandals from Malena.
FLAMINGO AND MALENA TURQUOISE SANDALS WITH EXCLUSIVE DESIGN Both shoes are made with 100% genuine leather to guarantee quality, beauty and comfort. In addition, they have an exclusive design by Anna Milan. This combination of clothes will make you feel like a real princess. Free shipping.

Exclusive Design by Anna Milan

TRADITION for production, QUALITY for materials and DESIGN for models. This is the formula that Ana Milan uses to create exclusive collections that any princess will fall in love with. I just want to clothe current women who demand to be perfect and ready for any area of their lives.  
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Malena Turquoise Sandals


Flamingo Blue and Yellow Sandals


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