Blue Low-Heeled Fiona Shoes

Fiona Blue Low-Heeled Shoes from Anna Milan's brand, are designed for a classic woman, who likes to dress in an elegant but also comfort way.

These shoes are basic for a sophisticated outfit. Manufactered by hand in Spain, they will be the most practical and useful in your closet.

  • Outter material: engraved flowers fabric in navy blue color
  • Classic model
  • Thick 5 cm high-heel
  • Inner material: leather
  • Gel insoles
  • Leather soles
  • Exclusive and limited collection
  • Manufactered by hand in Spain

Their exterior is made iof engraved flowers fabric with smooth texture and navy blue color. An appropiate design to match a lot of different clothes.

Its heel, covered in navy blue leather, is thick and it has 5 cm high. It will provide stability and safety when walking.

Its interior is made of 100% leather and they have gel insoles to reduce the impact of the foot against the ground in order to optimize your comfort.

It is elegant and with classic style. A basic that should be in your closet.

Exclusive Design by Anna Milan

TRADITION for the production, QUALITY for the materials and DESIGN for the models.

This is the formula that Ana Milan uses to create exclusive collections that any princess will fall in love with.

I just want modern women to wear my shoes and feel ready for any area of their lives.

I just want happy princesses.

Check your size:  Download our template.


Size 36 EU - 3 UK - 6 USA 37 EU - 4 UK - 7 USA 38 EU - 5 UK - 8 USA 39 EU - 6 UK - 9 USA 40 EU - 7 UK - 10 USA 41 EU - 8 UK - 11 USA 42 EU - 9 UK - 12 USA
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