Mini Mahogany Bag

The Mini Mahogany Bag is part of an exclusive collection made with Italian skins of the highest quality.

This bag is handcrafted with authentic Italian leather, which makes it the perfect complement for your look since you won't find an identical bag anywhere in the world.

  Features of the Mini Mahogany Bag :
  • Exterior: 100% Italian skin of the best quality.
  • External color: mahogany.
  • Interior: 100% Italian leather.
  • Internal color: red.
  • The trimmings are made by hand.
  • The logo of the Anna Milán collection that crowns this mahogany bag is 24 carat gold-plated.
  • Size: 22 cm. wide, 17 cm. high, 10 cm. of depth.
  • Closure: flap with magnet.
  • Internal details: pocket with zip closure.
  • Exclusive Anna Milan collection made with Italian premium leather.
  • Handmade in Spain.

The exterior of the Mini Mahogany Bag is made with premium Italian leather, with a rough skin that makes it an unique accessory in your wardrobe.

Its timeless design is ideal to accompany summer and winter outfits and to combine it with bright colors such as red or violet as well as elegant colors, such as beige, white and black.

That's why this bag is ideal for both formal and informal meetings, as it brings sobriety and elegance. Its mahogany color also combines with red-haired women.

The interior is lined with Italian leather of unquestionable quality with an intense reddish color. It incorporates an internal pocket with zip closure to protect your most precious belongings.

Its size make it suitable to be part of your daily look, accompanying you wherever you need it.

The Mini Mahogany Bag is handcrafted in Spain, which makes it an unique complement since there are not two alike. It is part of an exclusive collection of Anna Milan made with Italian skins of the best quality.

This is proved by the golden button that crowns this bag with the logo of Anna Milán's collection, which is 24 carat gold-plated.

It has a magnetic closure that provides comfort and luxury and inside, the letters of AnnaMilan's collection are engraved in the zipper, which is also 24 carat gold-plated.

Anna Milan's collection seeks to unite tradition, quality and design.

That is why its complements are handcrafted with the best quality products to achieve an exclusive and unique design that is part of inimitable and very personal collections. Fall in love with the Mini Mahogany Bag and make it an indispensable piece of your look.

TRADITION for production, QUALITY for materials and DESIGN for models.

This is the formula that Anna Milan uses to create exclusive collections that any princess will fall in love with. I just want to clothe current women who demand to be perfect and ready for any area of ​​their lives.


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