Python Paris Bag

This Python Paris Bag has the Anna Milan's hallmark wherever you look.

It has elegance and exclusivity that reach the levels of excellence.

Made by hand in Spain, this bag is a collector's item that can not be missing in your dressing room to give the distinct touch to any outfit you wear.

 Features of the Python Paris Bag
  •  Exterior material: fuchsia python skin.
  •  Interior material: red skin.
  •  Handmade trimmings.
  •  Measurements: 22 cm wide, 17 cm high, 10 cm deep and a handle of 13 cm.
  •  Details: 24 carat gold-plated logo and the letters.
  •  Exclusive collection made with Italian premium leather.

It is the ideal size for any time of the day, whether you go to work, to a meeting or to an event at night.

The handle is rigid and the ends that join the bag have a gold trimming detail that serves as a transition between the handle of smooth leather and fuchsia natural python leather.

The sides of the bag are flexible leather (inverted pleat type) of the same tone as the handle.

The body of the bag is compact and when it is placed on a surface, its shape remains intact. The logo of the brand is on the lid of the bag.

Inside, the elegance continues!

The color of its red skin impacts you when you open the bag.

It has an internal closure below which you can read two words written in 24 carat gold-plated letters: Anna Milan.

Already at this point, having a piece of Anna is a symbol of distinction, glamor and good taste.


Anna Milan’s Exclusive Design

TRADITION for production, QUALITY for materials and DESIGN for models.

This is the formula that Anna Milan uses to create exclusive collections that any princess will fall in love with. I just want to clothe current women who demand to be perfect and ready for any area of ​​their lives.


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