Sandal Flamingo And Salon Shoe Veronica Violet

This Princess Set consists of two of the best products by our #AnnaMilan girls: Violet Flamingo Sandals and Violet Veronica Pump Shoes.

It is a colorful set that you can wear in one outfit, or separately. In both cases, they will make you stand out.

Princess Set Violet Flamingo and Veronica Pump Shoes, In Detail

Violet Flamingo Sandals are part of Anna Milan's Exclusive Collection named "Flamingo". A line of three  colorful sandals with 3.54in high-heels. Manufactured in leather, they are ideal to highlight your outfit.

The Violet Veronica Pump Shoes belongs to the "Veronica", Anna Milan’s Exclusive Collection. A compilation of colorful high-heels. They are manufactured by hand in goatling leather with goatling suede leather and a 3.54in high-heel. They are a colorful basic shoes that you must have in your closet.

Anna Milan’s Exclusive Design

TRADITION for the production, QUALITY for the materials and DESIGN for the models. This is, Anna Milan’s formula, to CREATE Exclusive Collections that her princesses fall in love with.

I, just want, modern women to wear my shoes and feel ready for any area of their lifes.

I, just want, happy princesses, and for that reason…

If you have any doubt with the size of your shoes, let’s solve it! Download our template.

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Flamingo Sandals In Violet


Violet Veronica Classic Pump Shoes


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