Shoes Dona Natural Python Skin

The Natural Python Skin  Shoes are made of genuine furs unique for their design and drawing to be handmade with natural skins.

The most relevant uniqueness of the "Python Collection" by Anna Milan is the quality of the leather with which each natural python skin shoe is made.

Being a natural skin, the drawing pattern becomes unrepeatable. They will be a collector's item inside your dressing room.

Characteristics of the Dona Natural Python Skin Shoes:

  • Exterior: natural python skin in various shades of grayish brown Stilettos design
  • Model with sharp tip
  • 3,54 inch heel. High
  • Interior: beige kid leather
  • Gel templates
  • Lacquered leather soles
  • Unique piece of exclusive and limited collection
  • Artisanal manufactured in Spain


Its exterior, in natural python skin, in a grayish brown color, makes these shoes a jewel. They are handmade in Spain. And they show an exclusive print for each piece of the pair.

The heel that is added, also lined in python skin is 3,54 inch.

Its interior is created to give you the greatest comfort. Lined in kid leather, a flexible material, your step will become an experience, since it allows adaptation to the step. In addition, it is a very fine material to the touch, which allows you to feel the delicacy.

Incorporate gel insoles made of kid leather. These cushion the impact of the foot against the ground, which maximizes your comfort when walking.

Do you want to be the center of all eyes? These Limited Edition Stilettos will be the protagonists of your styling.

Exclusive Design  byAnna Milan


TRADITION for production, QUALITY for materials and DESIGN for models. This is the formula, which Anna Milan uses to CREATE Exclusive Collections that make her princesses fall in love.

I, just want to fit that current woman who demands to be perfect and ready for any area of ​​her life.

I just want happy princesses, that's why ... Check your size: Download our template.



Size 39 EU - 6 UK - 9 USA 40 EU - 7 UK - 10 USA 41 EU - 8 UK - 11 USA
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