The delivery time will be 48h-72h approx. after placing the order, for those shipments that must be delivered within the Peninsula, Ceuta, Melilla and Baleares. In the case of the Canary Islands, the delivery time will be from 72h-96h approx. after placing the order.

It can be accessed from any operating system, plataform or browser. If you have a problem, contact us. For the rest of Europe, we will mark it within the estimated delivery time.

SPAIN … ..Correos Post 24/48 hours. Shipping cost 5 €

EUROPE … International Post … Shipping cost € 15, 5/6 days.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA … International Postal Mail 7/8 days. Shipping cost of € 15

AUSTRALIA … International Postal Service 8/9 days. Shipping cost € 15

Other shipments as configured on the web.



If the order must be sent outside the European  Unión (EU) there may be customs duties. Anna Milan does not assume the cost of these custom duties, nor of any additional cost not specified in the shipment.


CUSTOMS DUTIES (non-EU countries)  VAT – TAX

Customs duties are not applied within the European Union and the products shipped include VAT (with the exception of shipments with VAT-exempt invoices for business owners who have a valid CIF in the EU). For non-EU countries (and other localities such as the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla) the merchandise is sent with a VAT exempt invoice and may be subject to import duties/ taxes/ VAT-TAX of the destination country, which will be borne by the customer (be aware to make the correct selection before the purchase). According to the law, it is necessary to indicate the value and nature of the goods that are sent outside the EU. Therefore, a lower amount of money cannot be declared on the invoice as well as it is also forbidden to make any other type of false declaration for customs purposes. The customers can find out about the import conditions of their country by contacting the State Customs Agency or the local office of the courier company that was chosen to make the delivery, this way, they will get informed of the exact procedure. It may happen that Customs withhold a shipment in order to carry out a more exhaustive control (due to, as an instance, lack of recipient information or incomplete address). In this case, there are countries where the intervention of an intermediary or broker will be necessary, which means an increase in expenses (always paid by the customer). ANNA MILAN offers all the needed documentation for customs clearance and, if necessary, our customer service will proceed to send any required document.

ANNA MILAN has no control over such charges and we cannot predict their amount. Also, we are unable to reimburse the amount of any cost, regardless of the circumstances. In the event that customs clearance has not been completed, Customs will retain the merchandise and send it back to the origin address, including the appropriate costs (always paid by the customer).