Who is Anna Milan

Influenced by the fashion world from an early age, the designer Anna Milán took her first steps as a model, an experience that would allow her to know in detail the demands of contemporary women.

After her studies of patronage in Elche, Spain, and at the gemological Andalusian jeweler institute, Anna worked as a jewelry designer in Moscow, a stay that will later determine the Russian influence in her creations.

 This mix between Mediterranean sobriety and modern Russian aesthetics is the bet that Anna and her partner Alberto Milán have made with the recent digital launch of their line of footwear and accessories for women, items that are for sale all over the world through of the web annamilanshoes.com.

Footwear and accessories for women have a  influence spanish brand and subtle Italian features.

They are made with the highest quality materials and mix traditional manufacturing techniques with the latest technology.

 Anna Milán has her creation space in Marbella, Spain.

From her residence, she develops her design and fashion projects with passion and innovative vision aimed at the modern and demanding woman of today. At annamilanshoes.com you can find your exclusive collections.